Catching people before they fall.

We help maintain long, independent, and healthy lives by preventing falls through app-free digital health.


We leverage patient engagement with clinically validated measures to detect functional decline in real time to help payers and population health plans determine who and when to refer to physical therapy to prevent up to 20% of falls.

Advantage (MA)

Accountable Care
Organizations (ACO)

Direct Contracting
Entitites (DCE)

App-free digital health

Secure, HIPAA-compliant, and browser-based. No need to download anything.

fall risk score

Proprietary algorithm integrates clinical standard-of-care assessments.

real-time engagement

Deliver the right help to the right people at the right time.

smart suggestions

Receive specific recommendations based on risk profile that are able to decrease fall rates.

workflow prioritization

Group patients with specific action items based on patient risk profile.

Visual insights

Track individual-level and population-level progress with intuitive visualizations.

How it Works

Roxie Health is a virtual medical assistant that catches seniors before they fall. We empower individuals and caregivers to take charge of their health, capturing data that helps us screen for fall risk. By preventing over 20% of falls from happening, we promote longevity and independence for seniors while driving significant cost savings for payers and at-risk providers.

Text Messaging

Roxie checks in via text messaging, asking simple yes/no questions about your health.

Clinically Validated Surveys

Based on your responses, Roxie may send a link to a 5-minute clinical assessment that can be easily completed with downloading a mobile app.

Video-based Assessments

Roxie also enables easy administration of clinical-grade, video-based physical assessments from the comfort of your home.

Optional Caregiver Support

Caregivers or family members can also interact with Roxie, helping administer video assessments and tracking progress over time.

“Catching people before they fall.”


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